Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Revelation

We sat in two, high-back, green chairs at Roots Coffee -- she with her peach/strawberry/banana fruit smoothie and me with my double shot cappuccino -- talking about the parallel journeys on which we found ourselves; journeys where love was the catalyst and Jesus was the answer.

For days leading up to this one, we read posts on each others' blogs where deep questions about love were asked without answer, and we had phone conversations about what it could all possibly mean. On Thursday, "I blamed it all on Valentine's Day". And then Friday came.

She surprised me by showing up without notice. And what a sweet surprise it was. A friend is never not welcome, even when I am still in my pajamas. ;) She told me to get dressed. "We're walking down to Roots." Coffee and my BFF? Yes, Please and Always!

As we cozied up with our drinks and rearranged our chairs so we could face each other, I could sense that this would be no ordinary meeting. She had something big to share with me. And God was stirring the heavens as she began unraveling the events of the past weeks.

Over the next few hours there were moments when it felt like time paused long enough for me to understand that the words that had just come out of her mouth were God's and she was simply the conduit. Thoughts like:

"Love is like a Rubik's cube. ONE solution, but many ways to get there." [Really Catchy! I should have a t-shirt made.]


"There is no reason I should love {you} like this, but now I love {you} for no reason." [Made my heart stop and take a breath. Selah]

These thoughts weren't directed at me. I was simply the one getting to hear the process of her heart.

And then she shared with me the miraculous transformation ... uh, more accurately, transplantation her heart had submitted to while she slept the night before. (Dead Man Walking) The only word I could find to describe my thoughts was "Amazing!"

And then it happened. The answer to the questions. The truth behind the mystery. The Love Relevation:

"Real love is not having a human reaction to failure."

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  1. You know how you said you'd love for a photographer to follow you around and capture moments? Well, I feel that way about you as a writer! I wish you could record my memories all the time. Maybe I will just make sure they are all shared with you. haha Seriously though, this was perfectly preserved!!!