Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random RootsCoffee Heart Songs

Sitting in RootsCoffee this Sunday morning ... solo. An incredibly restless night of sleep had my eyes barely able to open, even at 9:30am. Wanting quiet s.p.a.c.e and not finding it anywhere (virtually impossible when all 6 fill the place on these weekends), the laptop took a walk with me and my tired eyes downstairs to RootsCoffee.

After placing my order--a double cappuccino this morning--I took a seat on the red sofa and opened my laptop and iTunes. I'm choosing to let music be the washing of my soul this morning. Random shuffle on. Let's see what will speak to me:

"And only You can see the good in broken things. Take this heart of stone (present tense) and make it whole. Set this prisoner free." Hallelujah [Bethany Dillon]

"The calmer of the sea. Here in this room with me. So gently welcoming. The weakest parts of me." Let Your Light Shine [Bethany Dillon]

"Love of God overflow. Permeate all my soul. Love of God. Overflow. Permeate. All my soul." Fill Me Up [United Pursuit Band]

"Jesus. The name above all others. The center of my worship. You're the God of all things." Let's Worship [Deluge Band w/Kari Jobe]

"Feels like I'm tied up. What's holding me? Just praying today will be the day I go free." The Way I Was Made [Chris Tomlin]

"...drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes." How He Loves [Jesus Culture]

" In the times I weak, You come rescue me through the words that You speak over me." Every Breath [Gateway Worship]

"Your power is limitless." Great, Great God [David Moore]

"No sickness. No secret. Is strong enough. To keep us from your love." Healing Is In Your Hands [Passion Band]

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  1. Thank you for our conversation this afternoon. :) I SO LOVE you and where you are today.