Why I Write

I'm a simple girl who's using writing as a tool to hear God, see Him at work in my heart through how my writings change and to leave a trail of life behind me to know from where I've come. Writing allows me an outlet for the thoughts that run through my head on any given day; for the movement God produces as He pushes and pulls on my heart; for the moments that make my life unique, special, full and vibrant; and the people who make those moments possible.

I do not censor my thoughts [much] when I write because I do not want to write from an inhibited perspective. Sometimes my blogs will be raw and too real for you, but they will serve as a reminder for me of where my heart was in that particular moment. At times my blogs will make you feel as if you unknowingly walked in on an uncomfortable conversation; or they may reflect a heart that is brutally honest, without yet exhibiting God's tender interference as He reveals deeper truths and challenges me to move forward. And sometimes my writings are nothing more than a reminder to me of a particular experience that I don't want to forget as time takes its toll on details.

But mostly, you will be just a fly on the wall of my life.

It is never my intent to write for people who may one day read this because then my writings would be tainted with that filter, but that doesn't mean that I will never share with you in mind.

My biggest reason for writing a blog that is open to the public is to hopefully allow you an opportunity to see Jesus at work in my life and be encouraged by an honest heart revealing an honest walk with my Lord. You will see my flesh, as ugly and in need of pruning as it is at times, as Jesus continues to pursue those things in me that do not glorify Him; but that's okay with me ... if it's okay with you. But most importantly, my hope is that you see Jesus' redeeming love in this ragamuffin soul of mine.

This is my journey through life in words. Join me, if you wish.