Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Blame It All on Valentine's Day

If there's one thing people who know me know about me, it's that I am vigilant when it comes to expressing my dislike for Valentine's Day.

My reason #1: It's a holiday made up by corporate America (and Hallmark and flower companies and all businesses involved in chocolate making) to milk the snot out of all the romantics' wallets. Commercialism at its finest, I say.

My reason #2: I don't want to participate in a holiday where people are obligated to show love.

But over the past few days there have been unfamiliar thoughts and questions roaming around my head and heart regarding 'love'. Some of them I blogged just to keep 'em from taking up realty in my brain. (Love Really)

Today, as I was discussing the L word with my BFF, another thought rolled out of my mouth without giving my brain any fore-warning, and I had to stop and take notice:

"Do I really detest Valentine's Day because it's all about commercialism and obligation, or is there a deeper-seeded reason that's not centered around either of these two answers?"

Ahhh, another thought-provoking question to add to the others I blogged. What's up??? I told her (my BFF) that "I blame it all on Valentine's Day." Love, or what we make of it, is everywhere you look. Obviously I've fallen prey to the vast array of commercials on TV and aisles devoted to V.D. in every store. I'm sure this will pass when Monday turns into Tuesday. Phew!

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  1. Yay, you got to use your title! haha And it's a good one too.