Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love Really

Sometimes I wonder if I had the chance to sit with the wisest person on earth who is alive today, if he or she would be able to tell me what love really is?

What does it really look like?
What does it really sound like?
What does it really feel like?
What does it really behave like?

Do we really have the choice of who gets to be a part of our lives, or is that one choice man made up to form the never-seen document The Doctrine of Relationships in order to ignore the chaos of the heart that accompanies people ... like religiosity allows us to ignore the chaos of the heart that accompanies knowing Jesus?

As far as that goes, if Jesus brings someone into our lives, do we fool ourselves into believing whether or not they stay is really our choice, not His, simply because we can't handle the emotions or circumstances that come with that person?

Since 70x7 is Biblical, do we really have a choice to side-step that verse and set our own number that determines I've loved you enough but will no more?

Love is one thing to me and something different to you. Doesn't that mean that in reality we all make up our own definitions of what love is ... and isn't?


  1. Okay, twilight zone!! I know we normally run on the same tracks even when we aren't aware of it, but we wrote reflections on the same topic within an hour or two of each other. That's got to be a record, even for us! haha I am going to read both of ours again. Maybe you got more insight then I did. I'll be back...

  2. I don't know what you have going on that made you write this today, but I am sure glad you did considering what I have going on inside of my own heart. I saw love and lack of love in myself and in others and I just couldn't figure out the rhyme and reason to it all. In the end the only thing that made sense was the desire for Jesus to teach me to love.

    It sounds like your questions were answered the same way. It all came back to His love. Even though you weren't really sure why our love looks any different.

  3. I will say there are two things I am beginning to hold as truth. I have loved very little in life, considering the real definitions of love. And when I have, it's been a complete miracle. LOVE IS A WORK OF GOD.