Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hope Is ...

finding myself in limbo between admitting the death of [this] while believing in, and waiting for, its resurrection above and beyond what my heart could ask for or even imagine.
When she finished telling me the story of her heart transplant, tears began to immediately form. She couldn't have known, but God had brought her here not only to share her miracle but also to answer a question [with proof].

Although it was not the immediate response she may have thought she'd receive from me, I had to tell her the reason behind my tears. Her experience was the "Yes, I can" answer from God to a question I had been asking Him for two years.

So now, instead of asking Him "can You?", I am changing my plea to "will You?".

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  1. It's fair to say I'm begging Him to send the answer quickly. As in yesterday. ;) Believing with you friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!