Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Day-After-Love-Day

Today is February 15th, which means yesterday was Valentine's Day. In the most unexpected way, it turned out to be one of the most special days for me. I was treated to a fabulash lunch (yummy avocado rolls and pear endive salad, {our} constant go-to even though we always look at the menu first) by the one person who just has a natural way of drawing me into God's presence while still carrying on conversation. It's what I treasure most about her.

Yesterday showed me, even though I wasn't looking for it, that a day centered on Love Commercialized doesn't have to be something to retreat from--it can be conquered in new ways by shifting all that Love Focus in the right direction ... Jesus.

Four hours sitting on the patio of Cheesecake Factory, while the sun warmed the deepest parts of us, seemed to whiz by. Without a call from my daughter at 4:30pm, I think we would have still been sitting there when the dinner crowd came and went and probably only noticed the time when the sun began to set. Seriously ... that's how deep and unaware of the outside world our conversation was. It was revelation after revelation. Almost too much at times. I'm not sure today how much I actually took in versus heard and agreed with.

So today, the Day-After-Love-Day, I need to process and sit before God. I need to know what He said that applies for my 'now' versus what was a seed planted for my 'tomorrow'.

Thank you, friend--my Heart Treasure--for giving me a Love Day that was just the beginning of future years filled with a different perspective of what LOVE is REALLY all about.

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  1. Ahhhhhh, you wrote me a thank you note of sorts! That's really sweet, my soft hearted friend! ;) What did you call it, schluff? haha

    "I need to know what He said that applies for my 'now' versus what was a seed planted for my 'tomorrow'." This is a really good thought, considering all that God covered with us in those hours!! I can't wait to read what is for now for you.