Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Prophect Words: November 2009

This Word is for both of you, together. Immediately when I started praying for you guys there was a smile in my spirit and the pleasure of God over you guys and your relationship. Zephaniah 3:17. Hear it as the Lord says it about you:

“The Lord your God is with you. He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you. He will quiet you with his love. He will rejoice over you with singing.”

A vision: You were kneeling down and Anthony had his hand on your back. Anthony was praying for you. There was an open door to the right of you and there was light shining in on you guys. The impression that I got is that your prayers have opened doors. I feel as if you guys have a decision to make that you are praying about. Specifically, the answer is going to be really clear but it has everything to do with you guys praying about it. So whatever is going on, thinking through…it’s going to be very clear because there was one door open with the light shining through. I also saw people begin to come through the door. I don’t know if it was family or friends but it was as if your prayers were the key to coming home. Whether is was broken relationships or whether people are far away from God it was your prayers that were vital and pivotal to them coming home. Matthew 7:7. It’s a continuous asking and seeking and knocking and those doors are going to be opened.

I felt a sense of peace and rest and calmness about your relationship. Encourage you two to pray, pray, pray. That’s going to open doors and God’s going to make it very clear about direction for you.

Babs, when I started praying for you I felt as if God wanted me to tell you that you found the right one. And don’t you ever question that you found God’s best for you. You are on the right path, but it involves the two of you together. God will illuminate your path with His Word, and you will have as much wisdom as you have of His Word. That’s true for all of us, but He especially wanted to say to you that the wisdom you desire for what to do, you’ll find in the pages of His Word and in the quietness of your relationship as He speaks His Word over you--gives you direction and gives you guidance--it’s where you’ll find the wisdom. Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Go…you need to listen to His voice. Sometimes it’s hard in our society to be still long enough to really hear what He wants to say, but He wants to speak over you…and intimately. I had the sense that He sings and dances over the two of you. He is pleased with you and dances in the heavenlies over your lives. You need to start to envision that more--both of you. It will set you free. It’s easy to get tied down, but in our relationship with the Lord He calls us into frolicking in His presence and dancing and being in freedom with Him. He dances and sings over you and desires for you to go to that place often. There is healing in his wings and I felt Him say Malachi 4:2… “But unto you who revere and worshipfully fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings and His beams, and you shall go forth and frolic like calves released from the stall and leap for joy.” He desires a whole other level in your lives, both of you. You need to obey. You’re going to begin to see provision from the Lord. I just really felt like God is going to begin to pour out an extra measure of finances. He enables us with finances because He entrusts it to stewards. God is saying over your lives that you have been faithful, and He is going to give you finances because you’ve been good stewards. I just feel like is a financial blessing that God desires to raise you to a whole, new level.

The impression I got after seeking the Father on your behalf is a little different. It was a puzzle piece; an individual puzzle piece. If you take just one piece out of the puzzle it’s very obvious. You can see it. The picture is not complete. You have a vital part in the kingdom. Do not think of it as unimportant. You’re not just a piece in the puzzle, you’re the piece, the main part that compels people to the picture and completes that picture. You make the picture make sense. Every piece in the puzzle is unique to its shape and its place in the puzzle…it only goes in one place. It won’t fit anywhere else. You’re vital to those around you. You hold lives together because of who you are. You complete others because you’re a piece of their lives. You’re the piece that makes their lives make sense. You bring unity where there is dissension. You’re a seamstress in the kingdom of God. You quickly cover transgressions with garments of unity and peace. You’re a reconciler. A peacemaker. You’re gifted with bringing order to the chaos.

Prophetic Words: Summer 2007

  1. I see that you are a treasure seeker. That you are going after it and those treasures will be seen in your day; the treasures of healing, of miracles, those treasures of your deepest heart desires; the ones you wonder is that me or did God put those there? As you use the Word of God as your finder, He will speak to you through His Word. That you can rest assured that you are on a treasure hunt and that it will be seen. Encourage you that you are a seeker and a finder. The things you see, hope for, dream for and are after…you will see. Encourage you to not give up. Keep seeking after those daily treasures.
  2. [Speaking of silver in my wedding ring]: You are the real deal. The lie of the enemy may try to tell you otherwise, but you are the real deal. The ring is a symbolism of purity in relationships and strength. I believe the Lord has something in your heart to teach young ladies in a path of purity. You have a wealth to pull from to show them they are women of God.
  3. Lovely, lively and lovable. Saw a can of green beans. There is goodness inside of you and you are preserved by God. Scripture: 1 Corinthians 2:14-16. Saw on you your headband. It is a symbolism of a crown, a crown of wisdom. You have the mind of Christ. Share your wisdom. You have a lot to share.
  4. “Write”. This is a time to write; a real urgent time for you to write. It goes along with the scripture in Psalms, “I am the pen of the ready writer.”
  5. Three words: Tenacious, persistent, and a faith bearer [likened to a spiritual pit bull]. Your mission-life scripture: Luke 18:1-8, the story of the persistent widow. Her persistence and tenacity, just like a pit bull that won’t let go. God has given you a gift of prayer. Keep going after things in prayer. God has given you a DNA of prayer. There are things you need to keep going after. You will see great victories. People need to hear the testimonies of victories in your prayer closet. Testimonies build faith in people. Faith is pretty weak in the American church. Your testimonies of staying after God -- that breaker anointing that is over you -- that tenacity of those breakthroughs will build faith. That could be part of what you are supposed to write. The Bible is full of stories of testimonies where God has brought people through.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


...was a really bad day for me. But, it helped that I got the chance to completely vent my steam, which made me feel heard even though it didn't change my circumstances. Was I complaining? Yes. But I was also sorting through my thoughts and feelings by speaking them. It was my way of releasing it all, too.
"You are not a negative person. So I have no doubt that whatever negative you release will eventually find it's way back to something life-giving."
Yesterday I was definitely negative. Couldn't find the positive no matter how much light was shed on the subject. I was obstinate in the most obvious of ways and was choosing to stay put in my "I don't care box".

But I still have to reflect on the words above. I did release pretty much everything negative and, therefore, believe it readied my heart to even consider to be open and available to listen to Anthony when he came home. Had I not had that time to vent my steam and frustration, I believe I would have been completely belligerent and closed off later.

Does it mean everything is totally ok and we go back to status quo? No. It means there's acknowledgment that work is needed. And he sees that work is needed in him before we put all our eggs in the basket of working on a better marriage. Not that we ignore our marriage but without him [and I, for that matter] coming into a place where our baggage is dealt with, if we solely focus on building a stronger and better marriage, it will all be in vain.

So today I have to choose to drop the resentment and allow him to move forward. It is my choice. I can lug the resentment with me and continue to build it up, or I can leave it behind me and hope that God will create new life out of dead circumstances.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

How Can I?

Encourage you, when to do so would be completely hypocritical on my part?

Tell you to hang in there, and this too shall pass, when I'm not sure I even believe that myself?

Urge you to press into the hope of change when I'm really beginning to believe that most people don't change? We all just speak of what we'd like to become without ever putting forth the effort or time to become just that?

Just professing my doubt...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ready For...

...Christmas to be over and it's only Christmas Eve Eve. It's why I've changed my blog theme from Christmasy to wintry. I'm tired of trying to be the joy around here for everyone else and everyone else just expecting me to make their Christmas..."CHRISTMAS"! I'm tired of trying to make the holiday special and getting, "Really? That's your idea?"

Right now I'm just looking for the days to be over so I don't have to think about Christmas for another year. This is my favorite time of year but I've decided that it's time for me to find a different 'favorite time of year'. Something that won't push and pull my emotions for two months. Appreciation for small things is supposed to go A LONG WAY, but it doesn't. And I can't make anyone appreciate the small things and stop whining for the 'not so small' things.

This morning was my breaking point. I was sick yesterday. Barely out of bed except to take Teighlor and Marian to their eye appointments. And I would have rescheduled those if I could have, but they had to get in before the end of the month for FSA reasons.

So, when I tell the kids this morning that their last SCEDTC is getting to go see Alvin and the Chipmunks "The Squequel", I expected warm, smiling faces and cheers of excitement. After all, all 4 of them have been talking about this movie and really wanting to see it. That's nothing short of moving a mountain in this get ALL four kids to want to see the same thing.

Well, I got my anticipated reaction from 3 of the 4, and then was hit with, "But that's not very Christmassy" from the 4th kid.

I'm not feeling great today. I'm still very fatigued and would rather spend the day resting. I've got laundry to do. I have gifts to still wrap. I have a house to clean. And I would rather spend the day resting. [I think I already said that].

BUT, because I wanted to make their day special, their last SCEDTC day, I was going to push harder when home to get things done and then go sit at a Starbucks for 2 hours while they see the movie [something that would normally make me happy but not today because I'd rather be in bed resting], just so their last SCEDTC was special and fun. Something they've been BEGGING to do for weeks now.

And I get, "But that's not very Christmassy".

So I stood up and as I was walking out of the playroom I retracted my offer for the movie and told them SCEDTC was now off the table.

I'm done with this year. I'm just counting the days for it all to be over.