Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Gap Between

When death is finally acknowledged and admitted, and resurrection is still yet to be spoken forth, the reality of the gap that remains is palpable.

What did I expect? Understanding?
Would I understand?
What did I expect? Empathy?
Could I empathize?
What did I expect? Instant Transformation?
Would I wait graciously?

Expectation is a word that is never used positively when it comes to marriage, or relationships of any kind, for that matter. Yet, I believed if I shared the deepest part of my reality, in its most naked form, it would break a barrier; that the baring of brokenness that I had admitted only to Jesus would help connect the dots. My flawed assumption? I overlooked the very thing I was admitting to: Death.

Jesus' death without resurrection is just painful--sucking the life out of a person and leaving the void without anything good to fill it.

There was a miracle waiting just days away, but the broken hearts had no idea. Their gap was palpable too. I know there's a miracle waiting to be deposited. I believe it with everything inside of me because the proof was put before me. It's the gap between now and then that concerns me.

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  1. The reality of this post is just so heart breaking, friend. Overwhelmingly so. "Death without resurrection is just painful." Ugh, that got to me.

    You know how sometimes you take a word of God and hold it up to Him because You know He has to fulfill it? That's what I am doing with His words to you! He told you He would wreck you with His love. HE WILL. And although the timing of it makes no sense, I know He's not late on keeping His promise. There's a reason you are still in the grave.

    But we will both declare together...
    Jesus conquers the grave! [Mighty To Save]

    Lord, hold everything together in Your love until You makes all things new!