Saturday, January 24, 2009


Two days ago, after being sick with the flu for the preceding 3 days, I sat outside in the warm sunshine and was completely refreshed by Jesus. It was an unusually warm and sunshiny day for the middle of January, so I took advantage of the healing effects of sunshine and Sonshine. I spent 2 hours on the swing worshiping, praying, and listening. I had an awesome time, and God spoke a few things to my heart so directly it felt like He was sitting next to me and we were having a conversation like two, old friends. :)

Today I woke up and the weather has drastically changed. It is 48 dees-grees colder outside today than it was yesterday. Texas always seems to live up to its standard saying: If you don't like the weather right now, wait a day - it will change. Boy, has it ever!

I love spending time outside worshiping and being with Jesus, so I bundled up with my over-sized PIA jacket, two scarves, a beanie, mittens and my tall caramel macchiato and headed out to the swing, armed with my iPod and Bible. I spent an hour outdoors listening to varied music from Gateway and enjoying the winter morning. Near the end of my worship time, Revelation Song shuffled through my iPod and instead of singing along I decided to just sit and listen. Since this was the live version from Gateway's most recent CD, I was not only listening to worship team but also to the hundreds of voices rising from the crowd that was gathered that evening. It felt like I was standing in heaven's throne room as the saints worshiped their Savior, Jesus. :)

As the song progressed to the verse that sings: "Filled with wonder, awestruck wonder, at the mention of Your name...", I was immediately met by the awesome presence of Jesus. It surrounded me like a warm blanket and my face lit up with a smile that only His presence brings. Tears of joy spontaneously rolled down my cheeks because me body instantly reacts when Jesus makes Himself known to me in that way. He is so faithful to meet with me, even if it's just to give me a hug!

As I pondered that lyric, I couldn't help but wonder why those moments of being awestruck at the mention of Jesus' name were more few and far between than ordinary. Not ordinary in the sense of being bland or common place, but ordinary as in having it be a regular happening in my day-to-day affairs. Why am I not so awestruck on a daily basis? Jesus' name holds more power than all the forces of nature combined and then some; that alone should bring me to my knees every morning before crawling out of bed.

Jesus... help me to make the time each day to do nothing but sit in Your presence and be awestruck by the wonder Your name. Remind my heart - when it desires to complete the To Do list or, even worse, just be lazy - that You are waiting to meet with me; that Your breath and living water are waiting to feed my spirit and restore my soul.

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  1. This is the kind of understanding I share with you. It's not that we share moments like this together every day. It's that we each have moments like this.

    I delight in reading about your moments!