Thursday, January 1, 2009


1. Celebrating my first New Year with my husband, a bottle of wine, Starbucks, Taco Cabana and a "naked dinner" by candlelight in the living room.
2. Trying not to freeze during our first family photo shoot with Coli in Los Colinas.
3. ChurchMedia Group began in January and for 3 months our lives adjusted to that of a "normal" family. Although mornings started early, there was something peacefully consistent about having breakfast with Anthony while it was still dark; and then retreating to my bedroom - after he left - for an hour [before the kids awoke] for a time of worship, prayer and study.
4. Being a part of the Habitation services and learning from those experiences.
5. Making over Teighlor's bedroom, because it was my first big home adventure.
6. Thoroughly enjoying the fun and wonder of our day of giant snowflakes the day before Teighlor's 13th birthday.
7. Laughing at Teighlor's obstinate attitude at being taped while shaving her legs for the first time.
8. Having my mom and Nanny stay with us for 2 weeks in March. Although at times it was stressful, I know that God arranged that visit knowing it would be our last time to spend with Nanny before he took her home in June.
9. Celebrating my first wedding anniversary in the most simple way and learning that celebration and memories don't have to come with a high price tag.
10. Being a part of my first small group at Gateway and meeting - through that group - Connie Swain, who I'm privileged to call my friend and mentor.
11. Living through my very first tornado warning and enjoying the true excitement of it.
12. Learning, from my groom, the backdoor to Gateway's worship calendar and obtaining access to their song schedule and mp3's.
13. Celebrating Alec's success at making the Keller All Star baseball team, especially since he was an unknown player to the coaches.
14. Living through the month of May with virtually no money, yet having an amazing peace that "waiting on God for provision" was exactly what God asked us to do, even though it made sense to no one but Anthony and me.
15. Owning my first MacBook and becoming an Apple convert.
16. Being told by Anthony that I had just lost my grandmother - grieving deeply at his first word - yet having the Holy Spirit provide an almost instantaneous revelation that my heart could celebrate because she was now with Jesus, in heaven. That is the peace that passes all understanding!
17. Living out God's amazing ability to do more than I could ask or imagine when He provided financially through Teen Mania.
18. Being blessed with a scholarship for Teighlor to CAMPED and then hearing of the awesome ways God moved at that camp... forgiveness and spiritual gifts.
19. Praising God for the incredible blessing of being able to pay off 5 credit cards within a few months when only months before we couldn't even pay our bills.
20. Getting out of the old bed and into the new one that is just ours.
21. Getting to take mini-vacations to Lindale throughout the summer. Loved these days!
22. Experiencing Kairos and beginning my journey of understanding my true identity in Christ.
23. Reading The Shack and having a book open up my eyes and heart to an out-of-the-box God.
24. Receiving my prayer language at Beyond The Veil!
25. Living through God's changing power regarding the visitation agreement with Kevin.
26. Learning that holidays are as special as you make them and that they don't have to stay the same from year-to-year in order to be memorable.
27. Watching Teighlor perform in her first theater production.
28. Ending a hard year with an honest, heart-to-heart conversation that seems to have opened up doors of healing and forward momentum.

Favorite Song:
Beautiful, Kari Jobe

Favorite Movie Seen:
August Rush

Favorite CD:
The Ryan Edgar Project

Favorite Book:
The Shack

Biggest Lesson Learned:
That my God is able to do immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us; and to Him all glory is due.

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