Saturday, January 3, 2009


Today's conversation at lunch with Coli (yummy, Red Robin A1 burger!) really ignited my heart about the mission field. Putting "to go on a missions trip" on my 2009 goal list was really about a heart desire to experience the mission field, without any real plan on what that looked like. Coli asked so many good questions about what I wanted that trip to look like, what I wanted out of a missions trip, and where I wanted to go. This is how I answered, off the top of my head/heart:

I want to go somewhere outside of this country that is completely unlike where I live
I want the freedom to use my gifts and the ability to pray for the people I am with
I want to be able to love on children
I want a life-changing experience
I don't want a tight agenda-based trip
I don't want to just go build a home (although I would love to serve in another capacity)

There is so much we talked about and I realized that I had never thought about what my "mission trip experience" looked like to me until we sat down today. I've always said that it would be "neat" to go on a missions trip, but I've never believed that that particular perspective was enough to get anyone out there. The thought needed to turn into a dream to become reality. Not a day dream but a heart's desire dream. God is building that desire in me and I believe that this year He will fulfill it.

Today was the first day of a dream that is about to unfold...

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