Saturday, January 31, 2009

February Foots

Tomorrow is the first day of February. What the heck happened to January? I swear [only sometimes] it feels like with each year that passes, the days get shorter. Even my kids keep talking about how it feels like time just flies by. Kids aren't supposed to notice that! Kids are always trying to speed up life, to get to their next birthday without pause for the year of life they have to leave behind to get there. But not my kids. Their noticing time. What does that mean?

Speaking of February, I get to change the page on my Christmas Gift calendar, which means I get to enjoy a new picture of my kids for a new month... hence the title of this blog: February Foots. My February pic is all about the kids' foots (the Coppedge ism for feet). It makes me smile when I see it. Any picture that Coli has taken of me and my family makes me smile because I know it was taken with love. (lub lub my friend!)

February 1st... not sure I'm ready to change months just yet, but I guess I don't really a have a choice, do I? Time marches on whether we like it or not!

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  1. Yessss, what does that mean?! Good pondering.

    Thanks for being my biggest fan, by far. You know, every time I learn something new about photography I look back and wish I could have applied that skill to previous photo shoots. But in this moment, I am okay with my lacking images. Because they are still memories preserved. And imagine if I hadn't taken them, just because I didn't know the ins-n-outs of perfection yet. Imagine if I stopped shooting now for that reason. Wow, this simple post brought great perspective to me this morning.