Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Focused on the Positive

Since my last 2 blogs haven't been the most "positive" in nature, I've decided to blog today on the good and stay away from the downer crap. Being brought down by a situation or perspective is not a bad thing in my eyes because it's often the catalyst for change, but I can't stay in the negative mind frame because then I'll remain stuck in my hole.

So, here are my positives for today:

I got on the scale and was relieved to find out that the near end of my period has also brought with it a drop in the water weight gain that goes with it. I was 6 pounds less today than I was on Friday, and that brings me a sigh of relief. 162 means I'm closer to 160 than to 170. Whew!

I woke up with a raging headache this morning that I went to bed with last night. My headache is not completely gone, but the extra bed rest, extra-strength Excedrin and extra, loving care from my hubby has reduced my pain from a loud roar to a dull thud.

Something I ate yesterday caused my belly to go into extreme gas/intestinal pain mode last night. 2 doses of Pepto seemed to lessen the severe cramps and stabbing pains for a short while, but they would come back as soon as the pink stuff settled. I was awake until 4am, even though I was so tired all I wanted was to go to sleep; but the pain was so intense at times that even though I was trying to get my body to relax, I found myself on my hands and knees breathing through the pain like I did when I was in labor. Who knew that bubbles of gas, which never really seemed to find their way out of my body, could cause such grief? This morning I woke up with a sore belly - I think from the muscles cramping up so harshly - but the stabbing pains are gone. :) :) :)

The first week of 'back-to-school after the holidays' is over, and we're now settled in our normal routine again. The Christmas season is awesome but having this new year ahead of us is like a breath of fresh air!

I am really thankful, especially after a conversation with my SisNBff, that my life is relatively drama free (right now)! Boy, I've forgotten just how much emotional turmoil can be stirred up when people lose their focus of what's real and what's truly worth dying on the mountain for. Peace is definitely under-rated!

I have a husband who really loves me and truly wants the best for me.

I have my SisNBff who shares a part of my heart and I know will always be my Friend-To-The-End, no matter what.

At an age where most girls are developing their independent side and reaching for more freedom, I have a daughter who really wants to continue to be home schooled when she could choose a whole new world of people and experiences she won't get at home.

I have a home who's scent (and every home has it's own) is familiarly comforting to me. It's my home, and I'm so thankful to blessed with a place to call my own.

I have a true friend in the Holy Spirit... my comforter and counselor.

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