Friday, January 1, 2010

A Snapshot of 2009

First Blog of 2009: Review of 2008

Last Blog of 2009: [Recorded] Prophetic Words from November 2009

Total Blogs Written in 2009: 85

First Tweet of 2009:
To My Groom... double, tall, caramel macchiato, extra hot with extra foam. Lub Lub! :)

Last Tweet of 2009:
Our family toasted the New Year/Decade w/glasses of Sparkling Apple Cider & Cheers! 2010? Feels kinda weird! Blessings & Favor to Y'all! :D

Total Tweets for 2009: 1,911

Random Tweets from Each of the 12 Months:
  1. Christmas morning so far: Nash peed on the FAKE Christmas tree & Mo SCREAMED in a high C when she opened her big gift...a Red iPod. Classic! [December]
  2. There is so much loud laughter filling our living room right now. One of the most beautiful sounds to my ears. So Thankful for Family! [November]
  3. Christmas Cheer Day, Christmas, Christmas Cheer Day. Christmas Cheer Day, CCD is Here. Do we have a holiday? YES, we have a holiday! OH... [October]
  4. Completely spontaneous but really good day w/family. Tubing w/Mom, Canasta partner w/Coli, Mi Chulas w/all family & then House watching. :) [September]
  5. Anthony starts his new job tomorrow a.m. Life is gonna change from what we've known. Very excited but questioning how it all will pan out. [August]
  6. Teaching Jason and Coli how to play canasta. Dad is Coli's coach and I am Jason's. Fun! [July]
  7. Heading off to the 1st All Star game of the summer. Excited! Alec looks good in his uniform. So Mama Proud! [June]
  8. Totally cool being here with Teighlor at Life Today Studios for Karen Kingsbury. Plus we got a copy of her newest book for free. [May]
  9. Sitting on a bench with Coli and SB in hand, watching people & just enjoying THiS moment. [April]
  10. Making HAPPY BIRTHDAY pancakes for Teighlor today... PURPLE PANCAKES. And... from scratch since I didn't have any Bisquick left. :-) [March]
  11. Here's TMI for y'all... whoever claims that exercise is the perfect antidote for cramps was lieing! Must have been a man who said that! [February]
  12. Just read an email from a friend whose life was turned upside down in a day. We so need to remember that God is never surprised by anything! [January]
Most Listened To Song in 2009:
Everyone Needs a Little by Kari Jobe

Song That Was Most Needed for Inspiration in 2009:
Faithful God by Zach Neese

Anthem Song for 2009:
Overcome by New Life Church

My Truth for 2009:
"They defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony."

Thought That Impacted Me the Most in 2009:
To be loving is relatively simple. To love me? Well, THIS is harder. You have to know me, pursue me, overcome my frailty, and be willing to be hurt by me. [Bob Hamp]

Favorite New Thing for 2009:
Our Family Blog and Smilebox. Ok, technically that's two things, but they go together.

These are just snapshots of last year. I chose not to record my favorite memories or those unrealized goals for 2009. I have two blogs that I can turn back to for the memories, and the unrealized goals? Well, I'll just put those behind me and look forward to what 2010 holds for me.

Last night we attended Gateway's New Year's Eve service and the one thing spoken that impacted me the most was this [paraphrased]:

The new year is an opportunity to leave the old one behind...the good, the bad and the ugly. It's impossible to look forward to new when we're still holding onto the old. It's my choice to completely let go or to hold on.

I'm choosing to let 2009 go...all of it. I won't dwell on the tough times, and I won't hold onto the good times. My slate is gonna be clean...clean for new memories of sweet times and for watching God bring good from what our enemy purposes for evil. I've lived all I can of 2009.

2010...I'm ready for all that you hold: the good, the bad, and maybe the not so pretty. Whatever it is, my prayer is that I will always remember that God holds me in His hand and that His desires for me are good.


  1. I thought the best comment I could leave would be a copy of my list that I made yesterday. (Although I like your layout MUCH better.)

    Age: 27
    Married: 6 years
    Location: Bedford, TX
    Pets: Libby, Nash, Lola
    Attend: Sojourn

    What Doing:
    Laying on the couch. With my Mac laptop. Enjoying the glow of my Christmas tree for the last day. Wishing I could keep it up all year. Counting my blessings, like the song says in White Christmas. We watched that last night, because it’s J’s favorite movie.

    Food: Still pizza (extra sauce, pepperoni, pineapples, black olives)
    Drink: Water or chai tea
    Restaurant: Jinbeh Japanese Steakhouse
    Flavor: Lime
    Aroma: Winter Candy Apple home fragrance oil (Bath-N-Body Works)
    Holiday: Christmas Cheer Day!
    Computer Program: Lightroom
    Computer Application: Twitter

    Christmas: Winter Snow (Audrey Assad)
    Worship: Adoration (Brenton Brown) & How He Loves (Kim Walker)
    Love: Dance Me To The End Of Love (The Civil Wars) & Ordinary People (John Legend)
    Life: Make It Mine (Jason Mraz) & War Of My Life (John Mayer)
    Heart: Mystery (Brooke Fraser) & Renaming (Roland Worton)
    Dance: I Decided (Solange) & Forever (Chris Brown)
    Africa: Albertine (Brooke Fraser) & Eternal (Sanctus Real)

    Spring 2009:
    Visiting the fertility clinic. Learning J & I are healthy. Thanking God!!
    Summer 2009:
    Moving to Bedford to be neighbors with the Coppedge’s. Boating on Lake Grapevine. Laughing uncontrollably with Hauntie. Watching Grandma’s smile on her first tubing trip. Wearing goggles. The loss of BigMable.
    Fall 2009:
    Starting a fellowship group. First at Starbucks. Then at the park. Then at our home on Saturday nights. Watching God show up. People who showed up: Marie, Garrett, Beth, Dade, Amanda, Jesse, Angelica, Erin, Irelyn, Darcy, Rachel, Aaron, Travis.
    Winter 2009:
    Watching it snow on Christmas Eve. Waking to a winter wonderland on Christmas morning. Magical!
    Hearing from God (on 12/31/08) that I would work with the Sandra Lee Center. Arranging a trip in August. Visiting Africa in October. Loving on children all week. Being equally loved on. Feeling alive and full of purpose.
    Offering Rachel our home. Then Bekah. Traveling to Arkansas together so they could reconnect with family. Watching each move away to live near their boyfriends. Starting a life with J, just the two of us!

    Holiday: Thanksgiving @ Hauntie’s with Grandpa & Grandma!
    Business: Craigslist sales
    Project: Photography workshop for Lauren & Teighlor. Homeschool photography teacher for Teighlor.
    Style: Back to blonde. Makeover.
    Games: Canasta, Mafia, & Nertz
    Toy: LiteBrite
    Car: Back to a convertible!
    Friend: Met Angelica Kruse in an aisle @ Ross. Talked for 2.5 hours. Then met for coffee that night. Listened. Shared about Jesus’s love for her. Looking forward to seeing what next year holds for her.
    Realization: I’m losing my memory. Greatly concerned about this.

    Last Email Received: (Jason)
    HAPPY NEW YEAR MY BABE!!! You’re asleep right now, but I am just thinking about how much I love you and how excited I am about 2010 with you! I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said about being on fire for God. I really want to be, and I’m going to commit to getting into the Word and pray that I will begin to take on more Christ-like qualities. I’m pretty disappointed in the time I’ve wasted NOT DOING THIS. I love you Babyface!

    2010 New Year’s Resolution:
    Spend more time with my family!! Fly my parents out to Texas. Get to know the ins-n-outs of my siblings. Visit extended family at their homes. Go through old photographs with Grandma and learn her stories.

  2. I really like what Gateway said about ringing in the new year by leaving the old behind. I so want to do that. I think it's a daily choice, really. Like yesterday, I didn't argue with J. I didn't use profanity. I didn't insist on my own way. And that might sound sad coming from a Christian, but that's where I was at the end of 2009. As of yesterday, I began distancing myself from that person. That me. And the true security of Christ is that He allows us to move forward without reminding us of our past!

  3. I always think the music people listen to says so much about them. And especially the songs they would choose to highlight! So I am reading all the lyrics of the songs you posted.

    Wow! I see an instant theme emerge. These songs are rooted in the Word. They are like scripture truths, rewritten. So appropriate, considering that journey through the bible that you took.