Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1

Today I started my 21-day fast. This is an annual Gateway fast done at the New Year, except this year we were given the freedom to start the fast on our chosen day. I pretty much knew in my gut when Pastor Robert announced the fast that God was going to call me to step out big for Him this year. I can't say how I knew it...I just did. But I still committed to seeking Him in prayer for a week and the peace of walking out a total fast was laid on my heart.

My only trepidation was the fact that I knew my body was more addicted to food now that it ever has been and that restricting myself to water and juice was not going to be like it was when I did this kind of fast back in California....when I ate far less and weighed far less than I do now. But, I had the peace of knowing that if God was calling me to this sacrifice then He had His reasons and I needed to rest in that trust.

Well, day 1 is just about behind me and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Now, I know day 2 and 3 are still in front of me, but I'm not worried. I can say tonight, especially after attending another night of the First Conference, that I am excited about these days that lie ahead of me. I'm excited to get past "the worst, first 3 days" as they're called in fasting, and move into the spiritual, emotional, and physical healings that I KNOW God has in store for me...and OTHERS than are hitching a ride on my heart with me.

I can't say I have a clue about what what these days hold, I just know "in my knower" that because my God has called me...I am excited!

VICTORY was the word God gave Pastor Robert for 2010 and that word is going before me in every thing this year. Victory will be seen in Jesus' Name!

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  1. 21 day fast! A HUGE sacrifice. Greater than I know. But one that I expect to hold huge rewards of intimacy for you. "...and OTHERS than are hitching a ride on {your} heart with {you}." Haha, just loved that.

    I'm super sensitive to the word VICTORY, since it's the meaning of my name. It's like an awe word to me. One of the most powerful things you can say. VICTORY. Don't you just see the cross when you hear it? How many words can you say that about?