Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 11

"I resonated with this blog because change cannot take place in anyone's life until one can whole-heartedly state ... I AM READY!

This new year brought that determination that "I am ready" to make some changes ... physically, emotionally and spiritually.

God called me to a very strict fast to start the new year, one that has definitely caused a big void in me, considering my love for food and the way that I've allowed myself to eat over the past 18 months.

Instead of wincing and finding any loop hole I could in God's request, I felt excited ... even if there was a wee bit of trepidation about how my body was going to respond.

I could sense that God had a new plan for my life this year and that taking control of food--instead of allowing it continued control of me --was high on the priority list. And it's not just about food. It's about filling the void of eating just to eat with something else, with someone else ... Jesus.

I knew He wanted to show me that even though I don't have a hundred pounds to lose, the 25 that I've put on since marriage in 2007 were a sign that I'd become lazy; and that laziness didn't just show up in pounds, it showed up in my mood, my energy, my drive and my outlook on life, which impacted my life as a whole.

I know that this fast is not THE answer to everything because after this is over I will need to make very wise choices about lifestyle changes if I don't want to see the pounds creep back. But I believe God wants to show me through this fast that food - and the negative effects it can have - is not really what was controlling me ... it is the byproduct of what I was trying to cover. And THAT is the most important part of this fasting journey: allowing Him to show me those areas and then surrendering them to Him. THEN, food can go back to being yummy and necessary in proportion, but not my comfort and not my excuse.

Wow, I've rambled far too much, but I think this response to your blog is actually something God was revealing to me as I was writing."
This is a response to a blog I read today, and I had to copy and paste it here because I realized at the end of my comment that God was speaking to my heart and I wasn't even aware of it. He was showing me one purpose, albeit important, to my fast.

So, I had to record it.

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  1. "Food can go back to being yummy and necessary in proportion, but not my comfort and not my excuse." This is exactly what I need. And one of my goals during these 3 months. I need to mentally put food back where it belongs.