Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3

"Today I 'OFFICIALLY' crossed over into sickness = Day 1 [of sick], Day 2 [of 'this', hardest of 5] & Day 3 [of 21]. A combination for bed!" This was my morning tweet, and this is what it means:

I felt the beginning stages of a head/chest cold yesterday, but this morning I woke up with the full blown effects: a sore throat, a face full of congestion and a cough that makes my chest feel like it's burning. THIS = Day 1 [of sick]

Yesterday afternoon I started my period [yay]. THIS = Day 2 [of 'this', hardest of 5]

Today is Day 3 of my fast. I am feeling hunger finally, and my body is still in major 'toxin flush out mode', so my energy is feeling zapped. THIS = Day 3 [of 21]

Add all of this together and IT = A combination for bed! [which is where I am now typing this blog post.]

It's not that I'm trying to be melodramatic about my fast and purposely spending my day in bed so that I can look mournful to my family and they can feel sorry for me that I'm on Day 3 without food. Actually, had it not been for SICK + PERIOD, I'd be up and around like it was a normal day...I'd just have a few hunger pains.

So, I'm looking forward to tomorrow, but today I am going to give my body the rest it needs...because I CAN. And for that I am truly thankful. I don't have anywhere to be and I've completed 2 1/2 hours of home school teaching and grading with the kids right here from the comfort of my own bed. I have more curriculum to go through, but right now I'm going to close off the world and take a nap...because I CAN.

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  1. That's A LOT coming against one little body. Glad you could rest! You might have to leave room for yourself to do that more over the next weeks, because your body could be easily run down due to your fast.

    I miss you. And really hope I get to see you soon!