Sunday, January 3, 2010

In A Few Moments

At the end of the message tonight at the First Conference - which was off the hook, by the way - we were asked to kneel and seek God for what He would like to say to us. I was on my knees but for 5 seconds and these words were poured into me [almost] faster than I could write them:

Go deeper
Walk closer
Sit next to me
Listen to me
Take my hand
Walk with me
Laugh with me
Let this journey be joy-filled
I'm your Daddy
You're my little girl
Can you feel my smile?
See the glory of my love?
I have so much waiting for you
Will you trust me to show you piece by piece?
My hand shelters you
My heart protects you
My prayers cover you
My promise goes before you
And My glory surrounds you

His words were clear. I didn't have to strain to hear Him. He just spoke...and I recorded.

1 comment:

  1. Such a sweet set of words He spoke to you! Seriously FULL. I especially was taken by this line. "Will you trust me to show you piece by piece?" Sometimes I forget it is the Lord's delight to reveal Himself. He just does it in His own way and time. And that usually isn't my way or time. haha