Monday, March 2, 2009

W.E.I.R.D. [in a good way]

Just had to jot this down...

Anthony and I are currently reading Piercing The Darkness by Frank Perretti, the book that follows This Present Darkness. This book has opened our eyes and ears again to the world that exists in the spiritual realm... the battle that rages on around us on a daily basis, even if we walk about pretending it doesn't exist. I believe it's Gods way of awakening our spirits to what we've chosen to ignore. to what we've buried so as to not be drawn into the world of warfare.

God gave us the room we subconciously asked for. He allowed us to retreat into our space of blissful ignorance. But only for so long...

As I was reading last night, I came across this line spoken from one angel to another in regard to a character in the book sharing with another believer [and just had to smile]...

"The words of one testimony shared. Our job is done here for now."

The words of one testimony were shared [Revelation 12:11] and the angels' job was to make sure she remained protected while she wrote them out.

Even in a book of fiction I am reminded of the power of our testimonies. Each and every one is important and is probably being used by God to impact someone else or move into motion His purpose or plan. I have to think about that this morning and truly come to a deep understanding that our words, my words, hold more power and use than I ever give them credit... or realize at times.

This is exciting but also brings responsibility with it. I am responsible for sharing the testimonies of God at work in my life. February came and went, and I didn't post one testimony of God's work in my life, as I had committed to at the beginning of the month. So, instead of wallowing in self-condemnation, I will turn my desire into action. I am committed!

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  1. Thanks so much for your blog comment that encouraged me to make the most of every opportunity given to me!!!

    Now, on to this blog...
    Ooooh, so glad you wrote this down. I already shared with you how much that verse is impacting me right now. I just love how He is continuing to expand on it with revelation.

    Looking forward to reading your testimonies!

    (Mid-day blogging. I know. Unusual for me.)