Thursday, March 26, 2009

Because He FIRST Loved

You ARE lovable because God doesn’t see you the way you see yourself… He sees you the way He created you… without stain, without sin, without fleshly struggle, without all of the things that you see as unlovable about yourself.

It’s why, I believe, we CAN love others. He gives us a measure of that same quality. We are capable of looking past someone’s faults and ‘unlovable’ characteristics and still LOVE them. We know the faults, the struggles, the not-quite-so-beautiful tendencies… and love anyway.

And I believe we only do this now because God did it first.

I just wrote the above comment as a response to one of my SisNBff's blogs. As I re-read it for typos or grammatically incorrect sentence structure [yes, a little OCD about that], my response was read back to me.

"Do you hear My Words in your response? Do you accept these words as not only your [answer] to your friend's blog, but also as words that I sing over you?"

God has such an amazing ability to show up in the craziest ways... :)


  1. This brought the biggest smile to my face. A BIG theme for me right now is only speaking out of a place that you know. And for you to read your words and believe them - receive them - makes me able to take them for my own. Thank you!

    Love you Hauntie.

  2. Hi Hauntie! Saw your comment on CL's blog. Rough day for you!! So I though I'd post the song I left as a comment.

    “This Is Certain” by Jake Smith
    Here it goes
    Everything is out of control
    And it takes its toll
    As all of the chaos starts to unfold
    Don’t be scared
    Don’t you fret
    I promise you it will get better yet

    Tonight love everything is in its place
    You don’t have to be scared love
    You just have to trust in Him when it happens again

    Cause I can’t take it
    I don’t understand
    But after the rain the sun will shine
    And all will be made new again
    This is Certain

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what's in front of you. You have such an awesome perspective on everything Hauntie!!