Friday, March 20, 2009

Dallas Outreach - Day 5

This morning started out with packing and loading up luggage and then making our way to CCI for our last breakfast together. With BBC over, our morning schedule was completely open for sanctuary time until lunch time. This was my highlight of the day.

  • After worship and prayer time, we had a Pastor from CCI, Carlos, speak to us and share his message; it was on God as our Father and the role He plays as our perfect parent. It was a timely message and one that I know hit many of our kids hard. Even though we're from Gateway and not the "inner city", we still have many kids who don't come from great homes or have parents that know and love God. At the end of the message, Carlos asked all of to close our eyes and search our hearts for things that we may have done that we've never sought forgiveness for [or forgiven ourselves for] and for things that have been done to us by our parents that we need to forgive them for. The kids were spread throughout the sanctuary, so none were sitting next to one another. I prayed for God to move and to meet each student in their moment, in whatever way they needed Him. After a few minutes I looked around and saw adult leaders going to students who were "processing" and simply wrapping their arms around the children who were hurting. I asked God to show me if there was a child who needed His touch through me. I turned my head and saw one of the girls who had been in my BBC group for the week. She was sitting quietly but had tears rolling down her cheeks. I got up and went to her, and without saying a word I simply wrapped my arms around her. I could tell that she didn't know exactly what to do with me in that moment... maybe a little uncomfortable in her pain. I didn't say anything for a couple minutes. I just wanted my touch to be my words to her. Very quickly she relaxed and I began to pray over her quietly but loud enough for her to hear. As I spoke over her she practically melted into my arms and tucked her head into the crux of my neck and just sobbed. I had no idea what was causing this girl pain or what situations were breaking her heart, but God knew. I prayed over her for almost 5 minutes. I really can't remember what I said because I knew my Spirit was speaking over her and I was just the vessel being used. When I ran out of words, I just continued to hold her and allow her tears to come out. Maybe 5 minutes later, Carlos began to speak again and when he asked how many had been personally ministered too by God, her one hand immediately went up as she squeezed my other hand. She didn't say anything to me right then... she didn't have to. God had met her and I could tell that her countenance was different; that even if everything wasn't perfect in her life, something was made right that morning, a burden was released, forgiveness was given and received... GOD MOVED!
As we left the sanctuary that morning, I gave her one more hug and she smiled wide as she thanked me for coming to sit with her. No other words were needed between us. She didn't need me to know the exact details of her life and I didn't need to press her for them. Touch healed that day; not my touch but the hand of God reaching out to a girl and allowing me to the be the hands that delivered the love.


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  1. You learned how to give those hugs you received at Kairos! And they were clearly just as healing!!!!!!! May God always give you the courage to push past someone's tension or pain - to reach their heart.