Monday, March 16, 2009

Dallas Outreach -Day 1

Today was a long day. Up at 5:30, at Gateway by 6:45, on the road by 8:30, arrived at City Church International by 9:30, and the day is almost officially over as we approach "lights out" at 11:00 pm. So much stuffed into the first day. Typing this from my iPod so I have to make notes only:

•Charged up for this trip and all that God is gonna do.
•Gonna get the chance to love on the kids from the inner-city here in Dallas.
•Loving the opportunity to not only be with my kids on their first ministry trip, but looking forward to the kids here that I'm gonna get to know this week.

So much more, but I'm tired and my body needs rest for the day ahead of me. Will write more on each day when this trip is over.

1 comment:

  1. I remember how tired I was in Cambodia, and how much energy it took to write a simple journal entry. BUT it's worth it. And I'm glad you made that commitment!

    This week is so completely thrilling! I love reading about it via Twitter. Is anyone taking any pics?

    Love you. Shine strong.