Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dallas Outreach - Day 4

Today was our last day with the kids for BBC [Backyard Bible Club] and tomorrow is our last day here at CCI. A few highlights from my day:
  • Sanctuary time was AWESOME this morning. Pastor Keith, from Amped, was on fire and led us in a time of anointed prayer and praise. We had 60 youth and adults speaking words of life over our day and declaring victory over souls. Everyone participated and everyone praised. Our time was different than yesterday morning, but I got this feeling that God had a plan for each time we met, and gave us exactly what we needed for that very day.
  • I had to run a couple errands this morning and teamed up with Brittney to hit the streets of Dallas accomplishing our goals. We had about an hour in the car with each other and I got to learn so much more about her on a personal level. I love times like this where the people I know from weekly contact become real people, with real lives, real pasts, real hurts and real joys.
  • There was lots of laughter in my group of BBC'ers today. We got to play dodge ball and water balloon toss. My Amped students took the lead with these games today, while I sat back and let them run the show. The leader personalities rose to the top and those who naturally follow and serve took their places, too. I used this time to pray for the kids we had with us today. I purposefully made my way around the groups and inbetween the lines to touch each boy and girl on the shoulder or head, each time asking God to pour Himself out to the them, to meet them where they were in their lives and in their homes. I'm not sure if I will ever get to meet these kids again but I know that seeds were planted in their hearts. They heard the Word of God for 3 days in a row, they were loved on by complete strangers and they shared community with each other.

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  1. It's really really really neat to see how prayer is weaved throughout your experiences. You are so living in your calling right now. It's incredible to watch! Does it feel just as incredible to experience?! To feel useful?! A vital part of the work God is doing?! :)