Tuesday, March 8, 2011


{today} is gloomy.
Perfect weather considering the way I feel.

Itchy eyes. Morning congestion. Scratchy throat.
It's not a cold.
It would have been in California.
Since moving to Texas, I now call them allergy symptoms.
Crazy that it took me a couple years, but I now understand spring and autumn allergies ... personally.

{today} is gloomy. 
Perfect weather considering the way I feel.

I have every painful and annoying symptom of starting my period.
And they've all come on like gangbusters.
Go big or go home, right?
It's going to be a Naproxen and heating pad kind of day.

{today} is gloomy. 
Perfect weather considering the way I feel.

But then I opened the blinds of the window just beyond my bedroom desk.
And I looked outside.
What wasn't there yesterday is here today ... this morning.
The first signs of spring on the trees that separate us from NRH20.
I've been wondering when 'our trees' - the ones framed inside my windows - were going to join in.
When I would see some cotton balls that magically turn into leaves?

{today} GOD
Reminded me of His promise of newness through the window I look out everyday.
Reminded me of His ability to change or create overnight.
Reminded me that what appeared dead yesterday was simply waiting for His touch the next morning.

I needed this {today}.

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  1. That last paragraph was so good! My heart just ate it up.