Thursday, March 10, 2011

Come Uncover

Two nights ago I tweeted this: "Wrestling with this thought as I go to sleep: Does true transparency mean you should or should not censor your thoughts for the sake of others?"

Due to the 140 character limit of Twitter, I could not fully unpack that thought. I wasn't thinking in terms of conversation with someone, where I'm questioning my options to offend or hurt in the name of transparency and honesty. My thought was really focused on [here], my blog.

How honest can I really be considering it's a public blog? Since I'm not forcing people to read my words, am I given the room to reveal the deepest parts of my soul ... really?

It's not that even [here] would I reveal another's life with the intent to offend or hurt. What I'm questioning is the room to reveal {me}, even though most parts of me are attached to someone else, or involve another in some manner or fashion.

I'm tired of being half-truthful for the sake of not looking like a total mess to others. That's as simple a description of what's going on inside of me that I can give. And it's been brewing for months now.

A few weeks ago I saw this tweet by Preston Morrison, a pastor at Gateway: "The part of your story that will help people most is the part you least want to tell."

I can't tell you how much that resonated with me. So much so, that I re-tweeted it so I'd always have it my Twitter records; and I also put it in my 2011 Gold.

After having a conversation with my SisNBff about transparency in the afternoon, I plugged in my earbuds last night and jumped onto Gateway's site to browse through the Freedom Ministry audio classes available. I really don't know what I was looking for, I just had the strong impression to be there. So I picked a class, which I'll write about it a different blog, and began listening.

About half-way in, God answered my question about transparency with this quote:

"Come uncover. When you have stuff in your soul that you think other people won't approve of, you begin the downward spiral of hiding. You can't be hidden and survive."

Those are some powerful words. I've noticed a pattern on my blog when life gets tougher than I want people to know. I hide. Literally. I don't write. There a gaps of days, weeks or even months when very little is put in black and white. And it's because I've never been comfortable being uncovered in the most vulnerable and upside down times of my life.

But it's time to Come Uncover.

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  1. Two words...the right words...are all a heart needs...right? COME UNCOVER Ugh, I just melted in that freedom. I cannot wait to read you, uncovered. :)