Monday, March 14, 2011

Lent Day 3: Compelled

The Spirit then compelled Jesus... Mark 1:13

There was much more scripture in Day 3's reading, some of which I even wrote down, but when I went back and read what I had coped and pasted here, this specific part of scripture--and only this part--is what I felt 'compelled' to keep.

Compel: to force or drive, especially to a course of action.

Holy Spirit compelled (or drove) JESUS.

I've heard this passage of scripture before but never paid attention to the verb of this part of the sentence. I've always thought of Holy Spirit as a guide for Jesus, and people in general, but that is such a passive word when compared to compel. And I believe today God has opened up the heavens and allowed my heart, mind, soul and spirit to be rocked, and ultimately changed, by a verb.

To guide is to assist or help.
To compel is to drive with force.
Guide feels like I'm being asked "will you let me help you?" and implies that I'm still somewaht in charge of the situation.
Compel steps in with active but tender authority and says "you must let me drive!" and leaves no doubt as to Who is steering and who's in the passenger seat.

Jesus--the Son of God, Emmanuel, Savior, Bread of Life, Living Word, Redeemer--was driven by Holy Spirit.

Today, God asked me, "Who's driving ... really?"

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  1. I really like how you identified the difference between and compel. I want to hear the application of this revelation! Is part 2 in the works? Hope so.