Friday, November 13, 2009

HIS Words [12]

For the past few weeks, I've been purposely posting scripture and what I've heard the Holy Spirit speak to me about what I read. Having a new expectation to hear God through HIS Word [and only HIS Word] has been a heart-opening experience for me.

This morning, God changed things up on me. Isn't He so good at that? Never letting things stay the same for too long, lest we become too comfortable in our expectation of Him to speak and move as He's done the day before.

Daily, I read one blog that comes to me via email. Every so often, the author sends a couple snapshots to jar us out of our expectant complacency for black words on a white page. Today he sent pictures of beautiful, autumn leaves, and this morning I did what I normally wouldn't do...I clicked on the link that would take me out of my email and into the comments section [on his website] for that particular blog. I was curious to see if anyone had posted a comment about these particular photos. [God was just about to change things up on me]

The first comment was quite long, but this passage spoke to my heart:
"I sit here [in a 2nd story sun room overlooking the Tennessee mountains] every morning, year around, and watch God change His creation. No amount of money could buy the peace and pleasure that the Lord provides as He changes the scenery on a minute-by-minute basis as I look out the windows."
Was this anonymous reader quoting scripture? Nope. But he was quoting truth, and all truth comes from God. [THIS] truth hit my heart immediately because as I was reading this comment I, too, was sitting in my sun room [dining room used as a sitting room] with a gorgeous view of my front yard.

[THERE] was God's this man's comment and in the scenic view of this moment. He didn't require me to open my Bible to speak to me - although it won't deter me from doing so - He only required me to open my eyes and ears...and look and listen.

At that moment I was inspired to capture what I was seeing outdoors and the place - here on my futon in my sun room - where I now choose to meet with Him each morning. This room is my piece of peace.

My view out the front window [from my futon]

My dining room converted to my sun room

My sleepy-eyed video trying to capture "Raining Leaves"

[Note: I realized as I watched these videos that I had ventured outdoors in ONLY my t-shirt and underwear, so totally unaware of my dress code because I was not quite awake. Yikes!]

I'm so glad God chose to reach my heart in a different way today by showing me that even though I'm on this journey in HIS Word, He's not boxed into black and white, either.


  1. First of all, I think the *before coffee* you is hilarious! The way you scramble for words. And the fact that you walked outside in your underwear. Didn't feel the breeze? Hahaha!

    I love words, but you know I share your love for images. So this blog perked me up! Even though I couldn't see the raining leaves, I listened for them. Imagined them. And smiled! You've done such a wonderful job of setting up your sun room that I want to join you in there so I can experience the peace for myself.

  2. You changed your pic to the one I took of you. :)