Saturday, November 28, 2009

His Ways ARE Bigger

This weekend, God has been purposeful in showing Anthony and I just how much bigger His ways are over our understanding of how He can work.

Yesterday morning the hard drive on my Mac crashed...just like "that"...without warning, without any signal that it was going down. Anthony tried the reboot disc and my hard drive couldn't even be found. It was deader than a doornail.

At first, the unknown consequences of what that could mean became an issue between Anthony and I. Was it going to be covered? Was the Apple Care program still in effect? Had I backed-up in the past days? Had I ever transferred necessary financial documents to a flash drive in case of hard drive failure. Our day to ourselves, to spend with each other doing whatever we wanted, was quickly going downhill because of a laptop...silly.

Well, God stepped in with some awareness of what was really taking place - yes, our enemy is sly enough to use something as insignificant as the potential loss of a laptop to drive a wedge - and God graciously and mercifully brought us back to our senses. And then...He showed us how really foolish we were in our thinking and panic of the "what if" moment. He took a potentially laptop ending issue and gave me an early Christmas present.

Not only did we "just so happen" to get a same day appointment at the Southlake Apple store [truly unheard of on any given day, but Black Friday?], we got way more than we expected when all was said and done.

Yes, the hard drive had failed; and Yes, the laptop was still under warranty. The above and beyond???

  • Apple doesn't make the 80G hard drive anymore, so I'm getting what they put in Macbooks now: a 160G hard drive...DOUBLE what I currently have, without any cost to me!
  • Plus, the top cover had a break in it [they say it was a support issue underneath it], so I'm getting a new top keyboard cover.
  • Then, while they had it open trying to repair it, they found that the logic board was fried, so I'm getting a new one.
  • And then, since it had to be shipped off for repair, because they can't replace the logic board at the store, they're going to repair the damage done to the screen, and I'll be getting a brand new monitor screen.

All of this is being done at no cost to us. I'm basically getting a brand new Macbook by the time all is said and done. How God is that?!

The last bit of God news: The Apple Care Program on my Mac expires in 66 days and Apple Care is NOT renewable; once the three years is up, it's up. Had this internal issue happened 67 days from now, I would been out a laptop without any way to cover the costs.

The morning started off with an UGH!!! and God turned it into a total He knew I couldn't be given 67 days from now.


  1. These are the things that no one usually takes notice of in our lives. "You got a new laptop...oh cool." You know, the overlooked MIRACLE. I love that God cares about YOU. And your life. He might have blessed fields back then or sent an extra donkey. But today, he builds you a new laptop. :)

    I love You God! And thank You for showing Yourself to me through this testimony.

  2. I see you went private. Your change actually helps me out a lot! Now you can be the only blog I read and follow during my 3 months, without anyone knowing. :)

  3. Have you gotten the prophecy file yet? Eager to hear/read it!