Friday, November 20, 2009

A Brief Pause in HIS Words

Tonight, Anthony and I attended a special night of presbytery at Gateway that was very intimate. A small group of people [about 25-30] get invited each month to be encouraged and edified through a time of prophetic mentoring. We got an email a few weeks back informing us of this monthly gathering [we didn't even know existed], letting us know we'd been invited by someone in Gateway leadership. Not really sure what to expect but highly intrigued, we RSVP'd and put it on our calendars.

At 5:30, Anthony's iCal alarm went off on his phone with a reminder for us and I just about had a heart attack. Between the whirl-wind of the day, Teighlor's drama group commute and Anthony staying home sick from work, I had completely forgotten about the meeting. I used the next 30 minutes to get ready, ran to pick up Teighlor from drama, came home and picked up Anthony, drove through Wendy's for an impromptu, on-the-road dinner and made it to the Southlake campus with a few minutes to spare.

Walking through the parking lot, we ran into Brittney, Amped's All-Around Assistant, and found out she had been invited, too. And then when we signed in, we discovered that the three of us were in the same group for the prophetic time.

The night started with some worship, then prayer and a brief discussion of what the night held and how it would run...then we were dismissed to head off with our group to the room where we were assigned. Three members of Gateway's Prophetic Ministry Team joined us. We had a total of five individuals [us, another married couple and Brittney] in our group. Each of the three prophetic ministers had spent time praying for us and had come with what God had laid on their hearts to share.

It was such an awesome time listening to God's heart for each person in that room. I'm so glad they recorded each session because I'm going to transcribe what was spoken over me and post it here [but that won't be until some time next week when a digital file is available].

Until then, I'm going to let the words [that I remember] settle on my heart and pray for His confirmation and peace about what was spoken...not that anything spoken unsettled my soul...just gotta always bring the word right back to God and test them against His Spirit.

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  1. Well thanks a lot. You psyched me out! haha I was so engaged and really thought I was going to get to hear what was spoken. When you Twittered "presbytery" I had no idea it was related to prophecy. Guess I learned something new while I am waiting.

    Were the words spoken over you confirmation or revelation?