Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ever H.E.A.R. A Smile?

I'd never asked myself that question until this afternoon in church. We were coming to the end of our worship time - good worship time - and were asked to close our eyes (mine already were) and ask the Holy Spirit what He wanted to say to us... and then listen. Normally when I ask this question I do get a "wordy" response, of some kind. This time there were no words communicated - just a smile - one that I couldn't actually see still but felt. And even though I couldn't see this smile, it communicated so much to me...

I AM Love
I AM Joy
I AM Peace
I AM Patience
I AM Goodness
I AM Kindness
I AM Gentleness
I AM Faithfulness
I AM Self-Control

And then this thought occurred to me... I never knew I could hear a smile!

1 comment:

  1. That's rrrrrrreal sweet. We survive on tender moments like that with the Lord. They deposit into our heart, and we hold on to them when things get dry.

    Although you definitely have more than most!!