Thursday, February 5, 2009

3:30 a.m.

I can't believe it's 3:30 am and I'm awake
Reading through the grocery store ads
Looking for the deals for the week
Eating a bowl of Special K with red berries
Because my stomach was completely empty
From not eating all day
Then finally eating dinner @ 5:30pm
That meal sat, undigested, in my stomach
For over 4 hours
Until it finally decided that it could no longer stay in stomach
So, up and out it came
Went to bed @ 10:30pm feeling miserable
Had bad cramps all day that wore me out by days' end
Again I state
My body is whacked
Which is why I'm probably awake @ 3:30am


  1. How uncomfortable. All of it! Since your pills don't seem to be working, is your doctor going to look at other options? You can't keep living like this. It isn't really living as much as it's surviving. :(

  2. I so agree. Unfortunately, what I've been researching for the perfect match to my body's hormones state is not covered by insurance, and the pill - all forms of it - only touch 2 of the 8 hormones that could be out of whack in me. I either need $1000 of expendable income or Jesus to seriously put my body back on the straight and narrow.

    As much as I want to live, I do feel - too many days - that I am just making it through. UGH!