Monday, December 6, 2010

Unwavering Faith Confirmed

"God is going to come and whisper a promise to many of you."

Laying in bed last night, I found myself unable to fall asleep. I just wasn't tired. So out came the iPod. Time to plug into my step-Pastor, Brady Boyd, and see what God was speaking through him this week.

Side note: I call Pastor Brady my step-Pastor because this past summer I began reading his blog, which prompted the thought to check out his podcasts. Although I never got the chance to hear him preach while he was still with Gateway, he's come back as a guest speaker several times since his move to New Life three years ago. Each time I have been blown away by his teaching. So, this summer I downloaded every message to a series titled Supernatural that he did from January through March of this year. It was so good, so rich, so full of truth and heavenly teaching, that I've listened to every message from that point forward. It has taken quite a bit of time to play catch up because many messages I listen to 3-5 a piece, but I now can say that I am at the point of waiting for the next week to roll around so I can listen to my step-Pastor teach.   :)

Seeing the title of the message, Luke 1, I assume he's starting a Christmas series. Nice. Most pastors only do one Christmas message a year, so I'm kind of excited to see what's coming. Yeah, well. All I can say is this was NOT your ordinary Christmas message by any shake of the tail. As a matter of fact, I'm STILL reeling from the fact that I was expecting "sweet baby Jesus lying in a manger" and I got hit upside the heart with a message on the promises of God; and received total confirmation that what God was speaking to me earlier in the day was not misheard or misunderstood.

I'm simply going to re-write the notes and direct quotes I took from this message:

  • "God is going to come and whisper a promise to many of you." Pastor Brady spoke these as prophetic words and I received them knowing full well I was one of the many.
  • The people who believe that whatever God says He can do, these are those with great purpose.
  • If you believe it then God will come to you and give you something beyond your abilities--almost impossible--unnatural. This is the test of what you really believe.
  • Will you nod with your head AND follow with your heart? Will you move forward when He calls you to the impossible?
  • Yet Abraham did not waiver in his unbelief. He was fully persuaded that what God promises, God does.
  • All of my chips are on the table. Even when it's mysterious, risky or dangerous, I'll say yes. 
  • I don't have any preconceived ideas about 'how' it will happen, but I trust and believe in Your ability.
  • God is able if we are willing.
  • The journey is about trusting God for every moment; not with a lack of wisdom but with reckless abandon. (I LOVED THIS!!! This was my word!)
"He did not waiver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform." Romans 4:18-20

As I listened to this message I hit God up with this question: "God, what is your promise? I know what you want--I know what you've spoken to my heart regarding finances--but what is the promise?"

I know, without doubt, that we will follow what He's asked, but I don't want to pull a promise out of hat that seems to go along with this. I want a specific promise from God. And I'm praying for that.

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  1. I listened to his message this morning. At many points I felt like he was my personal cheerleader. He was confirming the direction I am headed. Encouraging me to go farther. Supporting my decisions with scripture. I was thankful for the confirmation.

    But I was down to the last 10 minutes and hadn't experienced the batman *powww* you did. Then it happened. I went on the most unexpected heart journey in a few short minutes. I was led me to an answer to a question I have been asking for years. SUCH A SWEET SURPRISE ENDING!

    Remember when he talks about how he prayed in his promised little red haired/blue eyed girl for 10 years? That got me thinking about how specific God's promise has been to me too. He promised Corban. If Corban is my prophesied child, then isn't he the child God sent in August? All of the sudden I burst into tears, wondering if the child I miscarried was Corban. I started begging God to tell me. The answer that came back answered more that just my question of the moment. It helped me understand why I have been receiving prophecy after prophecy for 4 years, come January. I have so often pondered why God wouldn't take children off of my radar if He wasn't ready to make me a mama. Why did He insist on speaking to me regularly about this?

    Now it all makes sense. God knew what these years would hold. Infertility. Adoption loss. Miscarriage. He wasn't telling me I wouldn't experience those things. He was making a promise for what would be on the other side. CORBAN. No matter what I have left to walk through in my motherhood journey, Corban is what is waiting for me. He's the life that will not be kept or taken from me!! God never wants me to lose sight of His promise. That's why He brings it up all the time. Through every season, He speaks the same thing. Over and over and over.

    Now remember how we talked in the car about Melissa's pearl? And I wondered if the prophecies God has given me meant something different than I understood them to mean? They did. Just like in Melissa's case, God was promising to protect my future - even while my present would seem invaded.

    Look at this, Hauntie!!!!!!!!!!!!! REVELATION.