Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dinner Prophecy

Wednesday evening has become mine and Anthony's default date night; not because we just can't seem to find another night that works, but because it's guaranteed alone time while Teighlor and Alec are at MOR for three hours.

Last night, after dropping the kids off, Anthony decided to treat me to El Paseo. While I'm not a huge fan of the food, I do love their chips/salsa and their frozen margarita! With a new year right around the corner and a more full understanding of how our financial picture is going to change, this dinner was a treat because date nights - without extra provision - will require a lot more creativity come January.

At some point in the dinner, our conversation turned to discussion of Holy Spirit, gifts and what it means to walk in them. I shared the prophecy challenge I had given Coli during my time with her last week, and Anthony turned that challenge back on me ... right there in the restaurant. Do I believe what I believe only when the timing seems perfect, or do I believe that God is ALWAYS speaking and just waiting for us to stop long enough to listen to him (as I shared with Anthony)?

So in a busy restaurant full of people and noise, I closed my eyes and asked God what he wanted to share with Anthony in that moment. Immediately I received an image in my mind's eye: A huge heart wrapped in flesh being constantly soaked by a waterfall. With this image I also received the understanding of what each represented: The heart was Anthony and the waterfall was God, through Holy Spirit, constantly pouring out on him. That was God's specific word to Anthony, but I also knew that He had just solidified the fact that HE IS ALWAYS POURING OUT...ALWAYS!

As we continued to talk, the vision was expanded upon. It was as if the focus was pulled in and I could see detail this time. Instead of seeing water pouring down, the waterfall was actually made up of millions of words ...  the Words of God being spoken over Anthony. Anything you could think of, whether it be words of comfort, encouragement, revelation, promise or the love that fills His heart for each of us all day long, was creating the water of life saturating Anthony constantly. It was such a beautiful revelation!

I could see how this vision could be detailed in a work of art, with the heart being a person though. But Anthony immediately began spilling out a very detailed script of how this vision could be filmed and turned into a short video. It could bring visual life to words, the same way The Nativity brought the Christmas story to life or what The Passion of the Christ brought to Jesus' ministry, crucifixion and resurrection. Obviously, not on that scope, but in the same way that a book (think The Bema) or movie expanded our understanding of a specific Biblical event, this video could capture a visual representation of what the outpouring of Words of Life may look like.

It was a great conversation so covered in God's words and creativity. And it brought the truth of ALWAYS to the forefront. God IS always speaking ... if we'll simply take the time to stop and listen.

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  1. Oh wow!!!!!!!!!

    Amazing activation on your part. Amazing vision on God's part. And amazing idea on Huncle's part to turn it into a video.

    Love all of it!