Thursday, December 9, 2010

Prophetic Words

During my time with Coli today, part of our conversation revolved around the prophetic. I challenged her to speak prophetically over me. More appropriately, to seek Holy Spirit on my behalf right there, on the spot. This is what she was given:

1) I saw a red and orange heart that was on fire. I saw it triple its size very quickly. It was an expanded heart. It was the opposite of what happened to the grinch.

2) I saw a plane in the sky and heard "journey across the nations". I got the sense that God would be introducing your heart to stories from different nations, starting very soon.

3) Future - I saw you wearing a skirt suit in what looked like a board room. You were not working there as a professional and did not belong there on a regular basis. You were there for a specific purpose.

4) Past - I saw some unknown material being twisted like the wrapping of a hershey kiss. I was not given the meaning but sensed you would.

#1 spoke immediately to me. It was a confirmation of what God is doing in my heart - He is expanding my ability to love and know what love really is. It's been my desire for two years now, but I had just spoken that morning to Anthony (before my time with Coli) that I know that I am finally walking in that with Jesus. My heart is overwhelmed so often these days. I cry. I feel deeply things I've never felt before. I understand people's situations with my heart now and not just my head. I am burdened when others are. I am hurting when others are. I am rejoicing when others are. My heart is expanding because of Jesus. 

#2 & #3 are yet to be seen.

#4 is something that didn't strike an immediate chord in me, but I plan on sitting before God and asking about this one. All prophecy must be confirmed, right?

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  1. Pastor Celia has a saying: "I'd rather see you go for it and fail than not go for it at all." It sets a free tone at Hope that's easy to grow in. I'm starting to see Father's heart in this more and more! So I appreciated when you gave me the opportunity to test my prophetic ears. I didn't give the words with a "thus sayeth the Lord". I gave them with the desire for you to test them. So I'm glad you are!! But I'm also THRILLED to hear that you got the revelation of the hershey kiss. Can't wait to hear it.