Monday, July 31, 2006

Birthday Sonday

Yesterday was my son's 10th birthday, and we celebrated the day with a family trip to Sea World, San Diego. More to come - gotta run.

Back again...

So, about yesterday. We (my family), my parents, and my brother and his family all converged on Sea World yesterday to celebrate Alec hitting double digits. What a day we had... from Shipwreck Rapids and waterfalls; to "Believe" and getting soaked in the zone by Shamu's splashes; to the dolphin stadium... oops, wait, he changed his mind... to the an encounter with sharks; to "we're waiting for grandpa smoothies"; to the seal lion and otter show; to bathroom pit stops; to Shamu's Fun Zone and scaling rope nets barefoot, and climbing rope ladders, and kicking Coli in the face (accidentally), and crawling through endless tubes on our knees, and jumping as hard as we could on swinging rope walkways to see which kids could remain standing; to Sea World's version of "Those Amazing Pets"; to polar bears in the Wild Artic; to a perfectly ended day eating at a salad bar without any salad. Can anyone say... Shrimp Giver????

Alec, this day was one filled with many memory-making moments! And times with extended family that we cherish now.

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