Wednesday, July 26, 2006

O.C. Fair

1. Never been a fan of the fair... Carnie Dudes are so wrong on every single level.

2. Never been a fan of the fair... It's like a ginormous vaccuum that targets the wallet with a continuous suction until you're completely wiped out.

3. Didn't want to go to the fair last night... Refer to #2 and #3.

4. Best thing about the fair... Grilled Corn on the Cob. Scrumptious!

5. Obligation settled... I can now say that I have officially completed my Mom's Obligation of attending a teeny-bopper concert with my daughter. Jump 5 and.... was it the Bone's Brothers????

6. Most memorable moment #1... Coli and I singing at the top of our lungs and dancing like crazy girls to We Are Family (Sister Sledge covered by Jump 5).

7. Most memorable moment #2... Coli and I "groupie screaming" like all the rest of the 8/9/10 year old girls knowing it would completely embarrass Teighlor, who refused to participate in our moments of craziness.

8. Most memorable moment #3... Knowing it did completely embarrass Teighlor - or at least she pretended to be embarrassed. Deep down inside both Coli and I know that she loves the fact that she has such a "wild and crazy Mom and Cousin" who are not above making fools of ourselves for a memory-making moment!

9. Most memorable moment #4... Teighlor "just having" to get on my cell phone after we left the fair so she could groan to Kelsey about how mortified she was that Coli and I acted like "all the rest of those children" during the last song of the concert, and then hearing Kesley's comment, "Knowing those 2... I'm not surprised!" YES... we do have a reputation!!!!! *wink, wink - Coli*

10. Most memorable moment #5... Seeing how the times have changed - when you look out over an audience of pre-pubescent girls and they're all holding up cell phone cameras taking pictures of their favorite singer! What happened to Barbies, and Saturday morning cartoons, and Sorry! (the board game with the bubble in the center that you have to pop to roll your dice)?

11. Most memorable moment #6... Knowing we just participated in some more memory-making moments that will go down in the history books.

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