Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lazy Day

It's been a while since my last "new" blog. You'd think that after taking so much time off from the blogging world that I'd have all kinds of life events to update -- I do; or that I'd be filled with a plethora of clever quips to unload -- I am; or that I'd have more than my fair share of God moments to talk about -- I do. Trust me... I do, I am, and I do! But today is not the day for all of that.

I officially declared today "Lazy Day", and I am living up to the standards of my Lazy Day to my full potential. My bed is the one piece of furniture that is absolutely essential for carrying out my mission in ultimate laziness, and I have used it well today. I have only crawled out from beneath my cozy comforter for necessary reasons -- potty breaks, to make my son lunch, and to return a rented DVD. Other than that my bed has been my sanctuary; a sanctuary that I am overwhelmingly appreciating today.

Did I plan my Lazy Day? Nope. But circumstances allowed this day and since it's been ages since I've indulged in a "Do Absolutely Nothing Day", I figured... why not??? So here I sit (yep, in my bed) recording my day of nothingness so that I can look back on this day and reflect on... reflect on... well, I guess there would be nothing to reflect on, would there?

Well, nothing except the gluttony of laziness!

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