Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[PLEASE] steady my heart

JEHOVAH knew what I needed today. HOLYSPIRIT led me to this video, to this song. that's why i'm posting it.

my life is messy. it is not easy. and pain is a part of it. we are all the same in that sense.

but right perspective is a part of His plan. today, [this] was YAHWEH righting my perspective. and when i see differently, when my eyes are drawn off of me and rightly focused on Him, i am changed.

steady my heart [kari jobe]

wish it could be easy
why is life so messy
why is pain a part of us
there are days i feel like
nothing ever goes right
sometimes it just hurts so much

but you're here
you're real
i know i can trust you

even when it hurts
even when it's hard
even when it all just falls apart
i will run to you
cuz i know that you are
lover of my soul
healer of my scars
you steady my heart
you steady my heart

i'm not gonna worry
i know that you've got me
right inside the palm of your hand
each and every moment
what's good and what gets broken
happens just the way you planned

you are here…

... you steady my heart

and i will run to find refuge in your arms
and i will sing too cuz of everything you are

you steady my heart

even when it hurts...

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  1. Cuddlebug watched and listened to this with me. :) When does this come out on recording? I want it...yesterday.