Monday, June 5, 2006

Random Ramblings

It's Monday night, and I just looked at my site (hey, that rhymes) and realized that I haven't posted any thing new in a bit... so I thought I'd try cuz I sooooo don't like it when I get on other peeps sites and the same old blog is up. And then I realized that my brain is tired and my body hurts from throwing like a gazillion pitches at Alec's baseball practice today. Like the baseball freaks we are I took Alec to the ball field an hour early for batting practice and then I just got nominated to remain the pitcher for batting practice for the boys as they showed up for practice today. I didn't pitch to everyone cuz my arm decided at one point that it could no longer throw strikes, but the tomboy in me was more than thrilled to be able to pitch for the boys for the time I did -- and even strike out a few!

But now my body is reminding me of the fact that I'm not 10 like they are, and my body isn't used to throwing a gazillion pitches without rest. Yes, I can play catch with Alec for hours and not come up hurting but throwing pitches is a completely different body motion and it didn't take long for some aches to set in. This is either a sign that I really need to start working out again or that I'm just gonna have to suffer when I play.... hmmmm, I'll have to think about this one.

So, I've rambled on without really saying anything important, and I'm trying to figure out at this point if I really have anything important to say...

FREEDOM! I know I should write about this... it's so important to share how Christ can and does set us free from the bondage of sin and attack that keeps us from walking a truly abundant life with Him.... but I just can't seem to put words together right now.

Maybe tomorrow when my brain is rested. Until then.... Sayonara!

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