Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Writing Psalms

Last Wednesday my BFF got the opportunity to lead the high school youth group. What she did was something that I thought was going to be a difficult assignment for the group (when I originally heard the idea). She handed out a different Psalm for each person to read. Each Psalm was a different type of Psalm, i.e. one of blessing, confession, praise, rescue, protection, etc. The challenge was then to write your own Psalm as the Holy Spirit lead. The Psalm had to be the same type as the one that you read.

I got to choose my own Psalm to read to the group. I chose Psalm 32 because it spoke of purity of heart, which meant that I was to then write a Psalm based on purity. I thought the challenge was going to prove tough for everyone but it ended up being an awesome experience. At the end of the exercise we each took turns reading our Psalm out loud and then the person next to us was given the responsibility of praying for us, for whatever had been revealed in our writing. The idea from Coli ended up being an incredible experience.

I am not choosing to include my personal Psalm so that others can read it and write a glowing comment. I am including it because I want to remember how the Holy Spirit lead me through this process - and what God chose to reveal "to me" and "about me" in this exercise. If you have never tried something like this I would encourage you to take time alone with God and let Him walk you through it. It's not about writing poetry -- it's about the Holy Spirit writing through you.

Oh God, my soul thirsts to know purity.
A purity of heart in every thought and action, as lived out by your son, Jesus Christ.
What human mind can truly understand righteous cleanliness?
Will ever my dependence on you grow so deep that my reach for purity will not seem so far away?
My God, you've stretched out your hand and removed my sin, time and time again.
I long for the day when I will see my life changed in such a way that I no longer feel like I'm starting over again.
My LORD, you've taught me how to live; your Holy Spirit is there to guide each step I take.
Let your ways be burned on my heart that my walk with you will grow stronger each day; and my passion for purity becomes a struggle of my past and a strength of my future.

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