Friday, May 26, 2006

Fun in the Sun

Yeppers, that is what we had yesterday! A fun-filled, sun-filled day on Lake Mohave. We only went up for the day.... drove up early in the mornin' and came home last night. I have to say we were all pretty wiped out on the drive home from the sunning and funning, but boy, was it worth it!

The weather was gorgeous and the water was perfect. Okay, maybe the water was just a bit chilly when we first jumped in, but after a few seconds of wading around, we didn't want to get out. And since it was the day-before-the-holiday-weekend, there was really no one on the lake - or at least it felt like that.

And the tubing, you ask???? As laughter-filled and wipe-out-filled as I remember from last summer! Teighlor was more daring than last summer... taking more spills and allowing a bit more speed in her rides, and it's only our first trip out for this season. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of my dare-devil spirit come out in her as the summer progresses.

Alec? Well, he rode, but he's still a "safety first" child... he definitely didn't get that from me!!!!!

Coli? She's still the girl who makes me laugh so hard when she rides and probably always will. Her screams of terror (or is that fun?) crack me up, and her faces of terror (or is that fun?) are priceless! Next time we are bringing a camera to capture these moments on film!!! Aside from her eye-bleeding moment (they didn't really bleed, but you'd have to be there to understand)... she provided my laughter for the day. Thanks to Coli and her eye-bleeding moment (there's a silver lining in every cloud) we now have a new "fashion trend" for tubing.... one generated out of necessity for saving the eee-holes... goggles anyone????? Adding the goggles on top of her screams, on top of her faces.... equalled moments of unbridled laughter for me.

Jason? Well, he never rode the tube... some excuse about his rotator cuff, but he did a splendid job in driving the boat for the rest of us. He stayed slow when necessary for those riders who couldn't quite adapt to anything higher than a trolling speed (fishing term) - (does the name Alec come to mind?)... and he stayed on the higher side of medium for those riders who wanted to catch air but still guarantee going home without broken bones (do the names Coli and Teighlor come to mind?)... and then he let it all hang out for those of us who like to throw the word "safe" out the window (oh, that brings this story 'round to ME!).

Me? Thought you'd never ask. I'll start with this... every muscle in my body from my waist up HURTS! Not an I-can't-move type of hurt - just a hurt that reminds me that there are plenty of muscles in my upper body that I have not worked out in too long. But all this day-after-aching is sooooooo worth the fun of yesterday! Each time I get on that tube I think to myself, "Maybe I should slow it down a bit, not take too much risk, not catch as much air as last time... just to be on the safe side." Well, that thought only lasts as long as it takes to get the raft going 'cuz them I'm all about the adrenaline of speed, air, and somersaults across the top of the water... and there was plenty of all three taking place when I was on the tube and Jason was behind the wheel of the boat.

There were moments when I was being whipped along the side boat in a turn where the speed made it almost impossible to hang on (and sometimes I couldn't), and there were moments when the raft would go soaring into the air and leave my stomach below, and then there were moments (after I was thrown from the tube) where I felt like a rock being skipped across the surface of the water. And in all of this I never once took a really bad spill -- Thank You Lord for protecting me during my moments of thrill-seeking adventure!

What a day it was! Fun for everyone! And the icing on the cake was dinner at Harrah's grand buffet - food all around to fill our tummies for the ride home. I have to admit that I ate just a wee-bit too much... but isn't that what buffets are for????

All in all it was a pretty awesome day! One my body will be recovering from for the next few days... but what's fun without a tiny bodily reminder the next day?????


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