Thursday, April 13, 2006

Worship Concert

Just got home a little while ago from seeing Shawn McDonald at Grace Baptist Church in Lancaster. What an awesome evening full of awesome worship! I am so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open, so I will go to bed now and write more about this tomrrow... or actually later today!

April 14 - 10 p.m.
Okay... so I'm adding on to my own blog from a couple nights ago. I was so tired (I mean... I was just sooooooo tired - that's for you Coli) that I couldn't write anything that would have made sense... to me or anyone else.

What I really want to say about this concert is that the best thing about it is that it wasn't a typical concert from a Christian artist. This was like sitting and having Shawn McDonald lead us in worship. It was so intimate and so stripped down musically but that was what made the night so special. Just Shawn and his muscially-gifted pal, Will, with a couple guitars, a cello, and some harmonicas. No fancy lighting or sound effects (except for some echo on the Shawn's mic)... just Shawn's raw voice and the guitars -- and the cello too.

Not only that but God blessed our socks off with amazing seating. We sat in the third row -- it was first come, first served seating. Sitting that close we got to see Shawn and Will's amazing talent as they worked the guitar strings like crazy. God has definitey annointed these two men with amazing musical ability.

Wait... there's more. The absolutely, fantastically, supersplendific part of the night was how Shawn started it all off. He has got to be the most humble artist I've seen live. Instead of coming out and wowing the crowd with a long set of his original songs (and soaking up all the applause he would have received), he came out and started with his slowest worship song, Yahweh, and then followed it up with about 6 more contemporary worship songs - none of which were his. I just closed my eyes, raised my hands, and worshipped the Lord. For the first 20 minutes I forgot that I was there to see Shawn McDonald... I was just having an awesome time worshippping with a man whose raw voice is absolutely, amazingly beautiful. I could only think this as I was worshipping, "Man, what church wouldn't be totally blessed to have this guy as their worship leader."

All I have to say to end this blog is this... if you have any chance to see him play... DO IT! You won't be going to see someone perform... you'll be going to have this man draw you into an incredible night of glorious worship!

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