Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: i will BEcoME

I will seek God's truth to dethrone the enemy's lies.
I will pursue healing and remember my wounds no more.
I will know and be known, without walls and without fear.
I will learn to live with a heart fully transformed by vulnerability.
I will get to know that little girl again and see the world through her eyes.
I will learn to overcome and not succumb.
I will smile on purpose and laugh without restraint.
I will write not only out of inspiration but more often out of pursuit.
I will read beautiful words every day. 
I will choose connection over isolation.
I will press in instead of shrink away.
I will lay down regret and take hold of redemption.
I will walk in authority and let go of blame.
I will make the choice to forgive when offense wants to tighten its grip.
I will use my words to bless and not to curse, to build and not break down.
I will pray for those I have labeled my "enemies".
I will hold onto hope in the face of adversity and turn towards love when faced with fear.
I will rest each night under a blanket of peace.

... i will BEcoME.

*A special shout out THANK YOU to Mary Jo for her sweet inspiration to emphasize BE right along with ME. I love it! {January 15}

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