Tuesday, May 24, 2011

what a difference a weekend makes

48 little hours brought about huge change.
They instantly changed the scope of our summer.
And the possibility of different futures for two of our kids.

One child made a temporary choice for the "greener grass".
The other made a team that opens the door of the unknown.
One broke hearts.
The other possibly broke open his future.
One left us asking, "What now?"
The other has left me asking, "Is this really THE answer or just an option?"
For one, we're praying that this season will bring perspective.
The other? Definitive clarity.
For one, we made a tough decision now.
The other, that tough decision doesn't have to be made just yet.
For one, we need God to intervene and change hearts through healing.
The other, we need God to answer the question of His Will.

Two life courses changed in 48 hours.
Both are temporary.
Nothing yet set in stone.
But the possible changes that lay right around the corner for both have me writing this blog at 2:30am; unable to shut off my brain and just rest.
Too many questions swirling around.
Not enough answers.
Not yet, anyway.

what a difference a weekend makes.

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  1. Your little people are becoming big people. So far you two have been the ones investing in their future. Now it's their turn to make deposits into who they will become. Will they learn to honor relationships? Will they work hard to achieve goals? What kind of character will be formed in the process? I can't imagine what it's like for you to walk this road with them as a mom. I really can't. All I know is now is the time to extend more grace than ever! Because now that they are becoming just like us. With freedom to grow and fail in bigger ways, they will do both...just like us.