Wednesday, May 18, 2011


That's how I feel today ... blah. I think I'm 'coming down' and feeling the full effects; coming down from a month that was crazier, busier & more emotional than any I can remember in a really long time.

A snapshot of my past 45 days:
4 days of intensely overwhelming God time at Pink Impact.
Followed by the first news of Heather's final battle with cancer.
Followed by 3 days of a full body rash and fatigue due to the Rubella virus.
Followed by a surprise ticket to fly out to Cali with Coli to spend time with Heather.
Followed by cramming present home school with future home school prep in my absence.
Followed by 4 days without my husband.
Followed immediately by my trip to Cali.
Which included 3 days of laughter, family and memories.
Followed by a gut-wrenching, never-want-to-do-something-like-this-again good-bye.
Followed by a weekend Anniversary get-away.
Including another surprise ticket to Cali for Coli and I to attend Heather's expected memorial.
Followed by a day of family, Easter and Welcome Home, Jason!
Followed by "Good-bye, Teighlor" for 10 days.
Followed by a birthday I forgot (mine) but my family remembered in full.
Followed by a few days to plan, pack & prepare for another trip to Cali.
Including Anthony's week of DC11.
And the kids' week with Jason while I was in Cali with Coli and Anthony at DC11.
Followed by 6 days away from home for Cali.
Including Mother's Day.
Including Heather's Memorial.
Including the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.
Including Wolfgang Puck Pizza at the Denver Airport.
Followed by a Friday full of catch-up.
And a weekend of family, baseball, laundry, and unpacking.
Followed by a Monday of planning Anthony's birthday.
Followed by a full Tuesday of baking, cooking, and house prep of black balloons, etc. for an Over-the-Hill birthday dinner.
Followed by today...

I feel like my body is exhaling ... and with that, I just feel BLAH.

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  1. Time to sort. Yes, that's what you need. Because blah usually covers a sea of emotions.