Friday, July 9, 2010

Holy Spirit minus THE

After reading several blogs by Coli yesterday, I left this comment on one of them but then decided I needed to keep it because it spoke to a significant shift in the...well, read:

"There is one thing I have noticed about your recent blogs as I catch up on blog no longer use the word "the" in front of Holy Spirit. At first I thought you had typo'd, then I read another blog and then I read this blog and saw the same thing. You have personalized Him, our Holy Spirit, the same way we so easily personalize God and Jesus. We've never been taught to put "the" in front of God or Jesus, yet I realize how naturally it comes before Holy Spirit. I'm wondering about this change in you and if it originated from chasing wild geese? It so moved my heart more than anything else in your recent writings, and that's saying a lot because your recent writings are chock full of good stuff.

I am convicted in such a good way. Do I lack a certain depth of relationship with "the" Holy Spirit because I have unknowingly put an article of our human language in front of his name? This is revelatory for me, friend! Truly revelatory! My God is God. My Jesus is Jesus! And my Holy Spirit is Holy Spirit...not "the" Holy Spirit.

I so love, love, love the fact that Holy Spirit [embracing the change already!] has awakened me to a small change in wording that will greatly impact my relationship with Him, and He did it by simply revealing a change in you and highlighting that change in my spirit.

Thank you, friend, for teaching me without purposing to teach me. I am smiling like a kid in a candy store right now!"

Looking forward to reading Wild Goose Chase, by Mark Batterson, very soon. Odd point, after talking to Anthony about this book tonight, I found out that Anthony knows him personally; even showed me a photo taken with Mark several years ago. How weird is that???

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