Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Prophetic Words: Summer 2007

  1. I see that you are a treasure seeker. That you are going after it and those treasures will be seen in your day; the treasures of healing, of miracles, those treasures of your deepest heart desires; the ones you wonder is that me or did God put those there? As you use the Word of God as your finder, He will speak to you through His Word. That you can rest assured that you are on a treasure hunt and that it will be seen. Encourage you that you are a seeker and a finder. The things you see, hope for, dream for and are after…you will see. Encourage you to not give up. Keep seeking after those daily treasures.
  2. [Speaking of silver in my wedding ring]: You are the real deal. The lie of the enemy may try to tell you otherwise, but you are the real deal. The ring is a symbolism of purity in relationships and strength. I believe the Lord has something in your heart to teach young ladies in a path of purity. You have a wealth to pull from to show them they are women of God.
  3. Lovely, lively and lovable. Saw a can of green beans. There is goodness inside of you and you are preserved by God. Scripture: 1 Corinthians 2:14-16. Saw on you your headband. It is a symbolism of a crown, a crown of wisdom. You have the mind of Christ. Share your wisdom. You have a lot to share.
  4. “Write”. This is a time to write; a real urgent time for you to write. It goes along with the scripture in Psalms, “I am the pen of the ready writer.”
  5. Three words: Tenacious, persistent, and a faith bearer [likened to a spiritual pit bull]. Your mission-life scripture: Luke 18:1-8, the story of the persistent widow. Her persistence and tenacity, just like a pit bull that won’t let go. God has given you a gift of prayer. Keep going after things in prayer. God has given you a DNA of prayer. There are things you need to keep going after. You will see great victories. People need to hear the testimonies of victories in your prayer closet. Testimonies build faith in people. Faith is pretty weak in the American church. Your testimonies of staying after God -- that breaker anointing that is over you -- that tenacity of those breakthroughs will build faith. That could be part of what you are supposed to write. The Bible is full of stories of testimonies where God has brought people through.

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  1. I don't know how long this took you, but I know your time was well spent. These words are priceless! Can't wait to hear what God spoke over you yesterday too.