Sunday, December 27, 2009

How Can I?

Encourage you, when to do so would be completely hypocritical on my part?

Tell you to hang in there, and this too shall pass, when I'm not sure I even believe that myself?

Urge you to press into the hope of change when I'm really beginning to believe that most people don't change? We all just speak of what we'd like to become without ever putting forth the effort or time to become just that?

Just professing my doubt...

1 comment:

  1. It's funny...because truly acknowledging the flaws in anyone else...makes me painfully aware of my own. And this blog almost scared me into change, which is so what I needed! Yesterday I was beginning to feel that pull toward complacency. Well, because it's comfortable - in some strange way. Your words held a mirror in front of me. And basically said, do you want to be this? Always? NO, I DON'T.

    I may not believe I can change another person. I may not believe God always forces change on another person. But I DO BELIEVE that He will change me if I am truly ready and willing.

    I guess, in the end - the only hope we have in this life is of changing ourselves!