Friday, July 17, 2009

When God Speaks

Gosh, it's almost 3am. My body was pushed passed tiredness and [this] is the consequence...sleeplessness. So, what better way to spend my time when awake is exchanged for asleep? Blogging.

I did spent quite a bit of time finally putting together the new Coppedge Family Blog, which is going to quickly become a favorite playground of long as I remember to have my camera available for all of those moments that I currently let slip by, not unnoticed, just not captured. But even with that project complete and the first blog written, I still find myself praying for heavy eyelids that will eventually bring about sleep. Until then...

So, I was sitting here thinking about the past few days and all that God has done...and the fact that I haven't written any of it down. It's been a busy four days.

After 5 months of seeking God, asking for clarification on what's happening with Anthony's business and is this house going to remain ours, God finally [my emphasis because that's what it felt like] made one thing very clear - it was time to put the house up for short sale in order to [hopefully - again my word] avoid foreclosure.

We got that word Sunday night at church...

On Monday morning we contacted a real estate agent specializing in short sales
By Monday afternoon we had an appointment to go over all the paperwork
By Tuesday morning all the documentation requested was completed and our agent was at our house to take pictures of our home
By Tuesday night our house was listed on MLS
On Wednesday morning we got our first viewers...and 2 more later than day
THIS afternoon we received word that an offer had been made and we also had 3 more families coming to look at the property.

This has all happened within 4 days of hearing God tell us very clearly...SELL!

For months we begged God to give direction. Didn't He hear us? Were we asking the wrong questions? Did He speak already and we somehow missed it? Were we too focused on getting the answer we were hoping for that when the real answer came we dismissed it as a random thought?

It simply came down to this: Timing...God's timing.

When He was ready, He spoke, and He spoke with very clear direction. He left no question as to what His answer was. He didn't jumble it up into 50,000 words, and He didn't make me search high and low. He simply spoke...SELL!

We made the first call and God's done the rest. I'm not sure what the next few days will hold or how quickly this will all happen. What I do know is that God is proving Himself faithful...once again.

His Word NEVER returns void.

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  1. It's been really encouraging watching God do the impossible this last week! But it was really encouraging watching you and Huncle live with the impossible this past season! Both are beautiful things, in their own ways.